Dry Ice Uses


For Camping & Travel

Dry ice provides the most effective and inexpensive means to keep perishables chilled or frozen. Also, you can use it to prolong the life of your regular ice.

Fog/Special Effects

Dry ice when combined with hot tap water will produce a display of bubbling water and thick fog.  

Shrink Metal

Dry ice works for metal shrinking and fitting. 

Science and Experiments

There are any number of fun, creative projects and experiments you can do with dry ice. Volcanoes, cloud chambers, comets and observing sublimation are a few dry ice experiments.


Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments have found the use of super cooled “cold caps” to be an efficient way to reduce or prevent hair loss. 

Broken Freezer or Broken Refrigerator

Use dry ice to keep contents frozen or cold during breakdowns. 

After Hours Dry Ice Emergency 

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